Master Classes

What Are Your True Spidey Senses?

March 25th, 2023
  9 am to 12
at Kaleidoscope Angels in Sellersville, Pa

What Are Your True Spidey Senses?

This epic gathering will provide each participant with a detailed look at your natural intuitive gifts. We all have them!
But sometimes we lack confidence or understand how our intuition works.

 This session will have you looking at your own Human Design Chart (no prior understanding of this modality needed)
to see your own true blueprint of all things intuitively based!

Come join Michelle for this fun, interactive and deeply informative morning and leave with a pep in your
step of self-confidence in your natural abilities!

The Magical Fun Begins With…
• Learning all about your true energy type
o This is a very a specific breakdown to your amazing aura and how the universe interacts with you and you with it

• What are all of the energy types?
 o This helps to see how we all operate our frequencies a little differently

• Clearing & Cleansing Techniques
o We all need to know how to keep our aura flowing so our energy can attract our juicy desires

• How do you receive your intel?
 o We look at the 6 senses and distinguish which ones are your natural gifts

• What type of abilities do you have?
o Are you a medium, empath, highly sensitive, mind reader, psychic?
o Knowing what type of skills come easily and tapping into what you might want to learn more about that isn’t quite your gift

 • Practice how to use and nurture the talents for daily living abilities What you will receive?
o A HD chart will be emailed to you prior to the class.

Please print out and bring to class
o Worksheets on the “Spidey Senses”
o Tools and tips on activating your natural abilities
o Practice time with group
o A ton of new detailed intel on yourself and your family
o Healthy snacks to fuel your mind What you need to bring?

A personal small item that has large sentimental value to you, a notebook, water and family members HD charts
 $135  dollars

 **Your exact birth time is needed. If you have a birth time range please contact Michelle at [email protected] to discuss!

CALL Kaleidoscope Angels at:  610-639-5388 to get your tickets now!

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