Human Design Session

1.5 HR Session: Learning Your Unique Blueprint

All of us have a unique GENIUS that resides within our Soul. This genius is a blueprint that comes along with you when your born.  

A Human Design Session helps you learn your amazing blueprint and gives you a wonderful detailed look at your emotional, spiritual and physical design system. It teaches you to BE your own authority in life.  

We all are walking around with this amazing beacon of light. When that beacon it's acknowledged, developed and embraced your unique wisdom than can be lived out with so much joy, success and confidence!  

* These sessions run over an hour
*Must have exact time of birth

Human Design Pricing

  • Human Design Session
  • $198 USD

    One on One Zoom session with Michelle.

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Happy Client

Highly Recommended A Session!  It was such a detail view of all areas: career, relationships and even how I should be processing things in my life.  It clarified and empowered me to be my unique self! I think everyone should do a session for all of there loved ones- it helps in how to communicate with one another too!

Michelle McInnis

Hi, I'm Michelle! I am in the business of teaching how to elevate your emotions!  Why? Because our emotions are how your intuition is guiding you. Emotions and learning more about intuitive training is our biggest asset as humans. When I combined my Bachelor Degree in Psychology and Social Work schooling with my metaphysical studies is when i saw my own amazing growth skyrocket but also my clients. 

I have dedicated my career to studying, using and tweaking all kinds of modalities to help people understand their potential!   I have shifted my own career 3 times and went from bankruptcy and working jobs I hated to living a very comfortable lifestyle and doing my dream career full time!  I was once voted most likely to complain in high school to now being known now as a highly positive person - I now help others overcome their limiting beliefs and subconscious patterns with Intuitive Sessions, Past Life Regression and Life Purpose Sessions.  

I am here to help those who are ready to dig deep and transform their lives with support, tools and encouragement.