Support Sessions

One-on-one sessions via Zoom

All of us have challenges and times in life that we just are not sure where to go, what to do or what our next step should be.

Emotional reactions are based off of belief systems.  When a challenging belief pops up, we can experience moments of uncertainty, which leads to not knowing what to do or what our next step should be.   Support Sessions are designed specifically for you to learn to consciously hear your own inner dialogue, create new intuitive gateways and re-create a new positive voice. Sometimes we need to work or way through past memories, roadblocks or self-doubt.   When we have new tools to assist us in our inner dialogue, the decisions we make in life will begin to change too. Helping you to move forward in the direction that is desired but feels more in alignment with your life purpose!  

Area's of focus that you might be interested in:
 Spiritual Awakening 
 Intuitive development  
Healing Past Trauma 
Soul Purpose Insights 
Support for any Transformation 
Multi Dimensional Understandings
Past Life Insights
Using astrology, astrocartography, Human Design  and many other healing modalities to help you feel centered, empowered and inspired to live life authentically  

Using my processes from my book: Be Your Own Emotional Alchemist and other modalities these sessions allow you to have personalized approach to whatever life has presented to you.

These sessions are for someone...

~ who is wanting to break past barriers
~ who looking for more clarity in life situations
~ who has a past memory that seems to interfere with current life desires
~ who lives with fear or in a state of undesired emotions
~ who is struggling to make life decisions
~ who wants to learn to trust their inner guidance system
~ who is seeking to empower themselves
~ who is looking to shift past negative self talk
~ who is seeking transformation in their life and wants support
~for someone has had completed the initial Human Design Session(1.5 hour Natal Reading) and is looking for more depth support)

  Investment : $150 a session 
Time Commitment: 1 hour


 I was struggling understanding my beliefs about relationships and how to balance how to treat people I love the most without being angry or pushing them away.  She looked at my natal chart, gave me ideas to motivate my mind and techniques to process my feelings in a calm and healthy way! I am using that to help create a solid foundation in my current relationship now and moving forward with much more confidence! It feels amazing knowing  I have resources and ways to process how my brain works. The impact I’ve seen has been life changing for me and the people around me.
~ Ashlie

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I understand that while we are all on a journey for healing and self-discovery, the best way to achieve this is different for each of us. The Enlightened Services offer various methods for healing, empowerment, and transformation.

Schedule a time below for us to meet on a 15 minute call. Together you will determine the type of session that best serves your specific needs!

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