Human Design Couples Reading with Michelle

60-75 Minute Session: Learning Your + Your Partner's Unique Blueprint

The Couples Readings delve into the individual Human Design charts of both partners, unveiling the distinct energies, preferences, and unique qualities each person brings to the relationship.
·Discover the interplay of your energetic signatures and how they align or challenge each other romantically.
·Uncover the dynamics of communication, emotional expression, and mutual support within the partnership, providing valuable insights into areas of synergy and potential growth for your love connection.
·Learn about the specific strengths that can be harnessed and potential pitfalls that may arise.

This knowledge serves as a powerful tool for navigating challenges and maximizing the romantic potential of your union.

* These sessions run over an hour
*Must have both you and your partner's exact time of birth

Human Design Pricing

  • Human Design Couples Reading

    $497 USD


    Zoom session with Michelle, you and your partner.

    Pay and Book
  • Installment Plan. Pay in 2 Monthly Installments
  • 2 payments of

    $248.50 USD

    per month

    Pay over 2 months. Your first payment will be due at sign-up, the second payment will be billed to your card 30 days later.

    Pay and Book


Happy Client

Highly Recommended A Session!  It was such a detail view of all areas: career, relationships and even how I should be processing things in my life.  It clarified and empowered me to be my unique self! I think everyone should do a session for all of there loved ones- it helps in how to communicate with one another too!

Michelle McInnis

Hey there! I'm Michelle McInnis, your go-to human design reader, teacher, and business coach, and I'm on a mission to bring excitement and alignment to your life and business! Armed with a degree in psychology and social work, I spent years in the trenches as a social worker for the state of Michigan, but I've since traded in my bureaucratic hat to operate my own successful business.

Now, my passion is decoding the unique blueprints of individuals like you, helping you seamlessly align with your business and unlock the door to the success you've always dreamed of. Gone are the days of endless studying and deciphering complex theories—let's make understanding your design a thrilling journey together.

I thrive on empowering you to earn what you desire and share your exceptional gifts with the world. Let's embark on this exhilarating adventure of self-discovery and business mastery. Your transformation awaits!