learning your human design roadmap

Hi! I am Michelle McInnis BS, HHP,
and Human Design teacher/reader and business coach!
I am an avid learner of all things that help us evolve into our creative genius!  
I love Human Design!

It's the best technology that I have ever studied!
 It is comprised of 5 different modalities:
I-Ching, Astrology, Kabbalah, Quantum Mechanics and Chakra's.

When you mash up all of these tools it give you the most detailed blueprint of yourself and your loved ones! When we have the honor to learn more about ourselves our confidence grows and you can feel more of that authentic you finding it's way to the surface!

HD has had positive implications on all of my clients and my own family.  Please consider taking a look around. Cheers to your own self discovery of your unique pathway! 

human design readings by Michelle

A Human Design reading is a deep dive into the road map of how you came to operate in this world. Your "roadmap" has set you up for total success but the adventure is learning this amazing blueprint. When we begin this adventure together you will soon begin to feel like, "Wow I can embrace what I love the most and see how the Universe supports me."

support sessions

Support Sessions are designed specifically for you to learn to consciously hear your own inner dialogue, create new intuitive gateways and re-create a new positive voice. Sometimes we need to work or way through past memories, roadblocks or self-doubt. Helping you to move forward in the direction that is desired but feels more in alignment with your life purpose!

learn human design

Are you ready to learn how to read a human design chart for yourself or others? Or add this modality into your current practice? Consider enrolling in Michelle's human design certification courses.

master class

See a list of Michelle's master classes including "Learn Your Intuition"

text with me

Do you want to learn about Human Design in small tidbit form?
Then join my Clarity Room FREE texting service.
I send insight bits of insights about the energy of the week, astrology,
and human design directly to your phone!
I won’t bombard you! You will receive just a few texts per week
to keep you in the flow of your own alignment! You can even chat with me directly!
It’s so much fun! Just text "JOIN" to 267.435.3216.  Stop at any time!

What clients are saying...

"Michelle, I would like to thank you so much for all your help.  You were able to get me to a place that my therapist worked on with me for years in just a few sessions. You helped me dig deep, confront my uncomfortable feelings and memories, look at my wounds and help me move on, learn from them.. I can't say enough, you have a God given gift and I can't thank you enough."

~ Christine

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