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Learning Human Design, Astrology, Astrogeography and Intuition Trainings

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This membership site is currently working on learning the key aspects in Human Design and Astrology.
My goal is to help you gain enough information so you can better understand your charts and loved ones.
Each month we have two classes that help you gain more confidence in your learning and applying HD and Astrology

Become a Clarity Room Member and instantly gain access to:

2 Live Clarity Chats a month with Michelle
Evening Zoom Sessions
Topics Include
 Human Design-In small digestible amounts with replays
Astrology/Astrocartography - in small digestible amounts with replays
Spiritual Topics- (Being an empathic, learning more about your spidey senses, ascension, Ho'oponopono )
These are small intimate class sizes so that everyone can have time to open ask question

Meditation and Activations is an area that can roam into  when you
are feeling like you need a bit of support or a moment to relax your intellectual side.
There are many categories of meditation including:
Morning Meditations - Get you day stared on the right frequency
Evening meditations - ok need to relax or maybe can't sleep
10 minute tune up meditations
Emotional support meditations

You Also Get

Access to all previous class in the library
Topics include:

Previous Classes on Human Design
Pendulum Training
Read Oracle Cards Professionally
Tarot Card Training

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Michelle's work and workshops have touched my life, changed my thinking, taught me new things about myself and in some ways reminded me of things I think I've always known, yet didn't acknowledge. I find myself thinking of and using techniques I've learned in her classes nearly every day. I highly recommend her work!
~ Lorry

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Michelle McInnis

Hi, I'm Michelle! I am in the business of teaching how to elevate your emotions!  Why? Because our emotions are how your intuition is guiding you. Emotions and learning more about intuitive training is our biggest asset as humans. When I combined my Bachelor Degree in Psychology and Social Work schooling with my metaphysical studies is when I saw my own amazing growth skyrocket but also my clients. 

I have dedicated my career to studying, using and tweaking all kinds of modalities to help people understand their potential!   Human Design is one of my primary tools I use to help others find that confidence and deeper understanding of themselves.  Other modalities I access is astrology and astro-geography which assist me with Support Sessions as well.

I am here to help those who are ready to dig deep and transform their lives with support, tools and encouragement.