Michelle McInnis
Author, Human Design Reader/Teacher, and Business Coach

Welcome! My name is Michelle and I am the teacher and the woman behind The Clarity Room. I believe in the power of learning your blueprint to anchor in more empowerment, elevated states of living and having the career and life you are meant to live!

 After all my years as a social worker and now my own private practice, I utilize many different helpful modalities but my favorite is human design!  I am an advocate for people wanting to learn about the power they have inside themselves.  

Growth, transformation and integration can be a messy process, but my goal is to assist you in learning more about your road path to make you feel more secure in your amazing journey in life. Come join me and learn how to fully step into your UNapologetic power in your career, relationships and spiritual growth.    

Be Your Own Emotional Alchemist

Be Your Own Emotional Alchemist is for those who find that the ups and downs of life situations can still throw them off center, even though they have been on a soul awakening journey towards greater awareness and personal growth. In this enlightening and comprehensive book you'll learn how to transcend your mind and enjoy a space of pure positive consciousness in any situation--even the most challenging.  I use real life stories and lead edge processes to show you the why and how 's of using your emotions as your true internal guidance system. Empower yourself to live a life of amazing integration where your emotions are your greatest assets in bringing about a new level of consciousness for yourself and our world when you learn to Be Your Own Emotional Alchemist!

This book will change the way you view your thoughts and emotions in the most empowering way. It instantly engages you to step back and remember who you truly are every moment. The step by step processes are not only practical but amazingly effective. ~ Kathy Sommerfeld

I am so excited to have this book in my hands! I am someone who has used these tools and found my manifesting positive situations ramped up to a new level! This book takes spiritual ideals and puts them into manageable daily practices! ~ Joanna Crider