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Learning Your Unique Roadmap

Have you ever felt like there was something inside you? Some potential that was untapped and you just weren't sure how to access it?  

 If so, you are in the right place.   

 All of us have a unique GENIUS that resides within our Soul and I want to show you how to access it.  Because is possible!  

A Human Design Reading is a deep dive into the road map of how you came to operate in this world- it is a treasure map to your unique soul gifts.  
 Your "roadmap" has set you up for total success but the adventure is learning this amazing blueprint.  Most of us go through life doing what we are “supposed” to do or what we think we “should” do but often this goes against our innate nature.   That's why you can feel that untapped potential in your soul just looking for a way to rise to the surface.

In this reading, you gain access to making that potential a reality.

  When we begin this adventure together you will soon begin to feel like, "Wow I can embrace what I love the most and see how the Universe supports me."

 You’ll be able to live by your design and stop working against it. Because if you’re here you have likely always gone a little against the grain anyway. Because something has been whispering… "there's another way".  

Human Design is a graceful combination of:
Astrology, Chakra, I-Ching, Quantum Mechanics, and Kabbalah  

It allows you access to sacred knowledge showing you how to work in alignment with your energy instead of against it.   It will give you insights into energy flow, purpose, gifts, blocks, digestion, intuitive abilities, and more!

These 60-75 minute readings, which are audio recorded, give you permission to show up in the world in ways that delight your soul and activate your soul's potential. (These readings are done via Zoom.)  

We all are walking around with this amazing beacon of light. When that beacon it's acknowledged, developed, and embraced your unique wisdom can be lived out with so much joy, success, and confidence to know how to sail through the bumps of life.  

We look at:
 ✔ Your energy type
✔ Your gifts and talents
✔ How to best make decisions
✔ Learn details of your personality
  ✔ Soul's desires
✔ Your little quirky traits
 ✔ How you manifest
✔ You're intuitive abilities
✔ How you digest food
 ✔ and information and how you came here to shine!  

*Please note I will need your birthday, location, and exact birth time  

Because this information lets me take a peak behind the curtain into your truest potential and blueprint, you will walk away knowing your unique spiritual gifts, how to activate your potential, and how you can use them to feel in alignment on your path.   If there is something in you that is called to this work, I invite you to explore it. It doesn't always have to make “logical” sense. Sometimes you just have to follow the signs.   Are ready to explore your gifts, feel more supported, and take action toward your potential?

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OH! MY! GOODNESS! I am blown away by the reading I got from Michelle. Everything was so accurate from past, present, and future. I could understand each of the elements that she discussed because she gave great detail. So much information is held in this Human Design. It is amazing how spot-on she was and how everything fit into a nice, neat package. Again, OH! MY! GOSH! I want to do this for my kids so I can understand them better and know how to 'parent' them more responsibly. Thank you!
~ Deb

These readings are for someone...

 ✔ who desires to learn their creative genius
✔ who looking for more clarity in their gifts and talents
✔ who wants to embrace their intuitive abilities
✔ who wants to learn there life purpose
✔ who is struggling to make life decisions
✔ who wants to learn to trust their emotional waves
✔ who is seeking to empower themselves
✔ who wants to know how to manifest and how inspiration flows within you
✔ looking for business clarity
✔ understand more about yourself so that you can feel more confidence in daily living

Initial Reading: $333


My HD session gave me such confidence and validation on so many details of how I came here to be - unapologically! I now am owning that I can really manifest my business to the next level! I found out I don't need to analyze my instincts.  I can see where I need to focus my attention - with more vigor!   It was AMAZING session!  I will be back for more!
~ CJ

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Michelle's knowledge and care in educating me on my human design (HD) and the HD of my husband and children has been the BEST marriage counseling (without officially being that!) and parenting advise I have ever received. Understanding my human design better and becoming more aware of my energy type, authority and strategy has allowed me to grow exponentially over the past two years. It has sped up my personal growth and alignment in a way all other self-help/motivational speeches, etc. could not do. It is truly a gift to know Michelle. Highly recommend booking a session today!!
~ Carolyn