human design business strategy readings with michelle

Learning Your Unique Business Roadmap

Do you every feel like you are working against your energy in your business instead of with it?   

If so, you’re in the right place. As a Human Design Business Coach, I see this all the time. Entrepreneurs trying to fit into traditional marketing feel burned out, tired, stressed, and out of alignment.   

Often when clients come to me they are working against their design type instead of with it.
 And as a result, they are:  

Feeling burned out
Starting to believe the business wasn't meant for them
Frustrated that they are not seeing results in their business
Like they are always chasing that next sell 

  All of these feelings are clues that you are working against your energetic blueprint, instead of with it. 
Business should feel expansive, simple, and in flow with who you are at a soul level.  

 And I am guessing since you are here reading this, part of you already knows that.  

 But if you need a little nudge, this is it.   

It's time to tap into your unique genius and unlock the secrets to success with a Human Design Business Reading!

In this 60-75 minute audio recorded session, we'll take a deep dive into your energy flow, purpose, gifts, and blocks. Using your birth date, location, and exact birth time, we'll analyze your energy type and learn how to utilize it to its fullest potential. You'll gain valuable insights into your unique persona, how to make decisions with pure confidence, and how to de-condition outdated business beliefs that are holding you back from operating with unlimited potential.  You'll also learn how to maximize your gifts and talents, discover your authentic marketing voice, and spark new creative ideas to rejuvenate your soul. With our guidance, you'll gain the confidence to step out and be seen for your business, activate your unique genius, and set your product or service on fire! 


*Please note I will need your birthday, location and exact birth time


I worked with Michelle on getting aligned with my business and my marketing voice. She really helped me clarify how I need to show up to allow the success to flow in my business and I look forward to practicing and working with her advice and applying it to my business. She has such a strong understanding of human design and so she was able to give me an abundance of clarity to move forward. Thank you, Michelle !
 ~ Amy Hume 

This is for you if...

You're a small business owner ready to take your business to the next level by honoring their energy and energetic authority.  

You need to find your authentic marketing voice to connect with the audience that feels in alignment with you.  

You're feeling stuck and stagnant in your business and constantly feel like the cookie-cutter strategies don’t work for you like
everyone else.

➡ You're ready to activate your unique genius to call in more clients, serve more people, and feel good doing it.  

You desire to leap into more confidence as a business owner and learn how to work with your gifts and not against them.

You want to learn how to make decisions with pure confidence using the Business Decision Graph.

You want to de-condition outdated business beliefs that are holding you back from achieving unlimited potential.

You're open to new ideas and excited to tap into your fullest potential.  

Ready to honor your energetic blueprint, see your business grow, and to feel good doing it?


Yesterday I had a Human Design Business Strategy reading. My mind is completely blown! The insights I received gave me clarity, inspiration, direction....and even some crystal-clear marketing instruction! Invaluable is an enormous understatement. If you own your own business this is a MUST-DO!
I am so excited to weave all this into my daily life and my business! ~ Tracy McGovern 

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