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A safe place to understand the who and why of your soul!  
In this space there are several ways you can support your journey of Clarity & Healing.

Human Design Session (Services)
Human Design, Astrology and Intuitive Learning (Clarity Room Membership)
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What is the Clarity Room Membership?

The Clarity Room is a spiritual learning community for those desiring to take a deep dive into learning about their blueprint via
Human Design, Astrology, Astrogeography and Inner Intuitive Guidance.

Join the membership now and get all classes, meditation courses and text message support from Michelle directly.
All for the easy price of 15 dollars a month!

Not interested in a membership site - No worries - Pay per class - watch course work over and over.
 Discover more about your own personal power and create a positive pathway for your journey!

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Text Michelle at 267-435-3216
to discover more about weekly inspiration and explore about offerings and the clarity room are all about! Connect up with Michelle directly by texting number above!

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The LIVE Clarity Chats  are LIVE monthly classes offered to membership participants to assist them in the self discovery of their own blueprint of life.   Learning the details of Human Design, Astrology and Intuitive training.  If you can’t make the live, the videos are saved in the Live Chats Library.

  Exclusive to Clarity Room Members


The Clarity Room Courses are full of teachings, interviews and practice guides on topics like: Being Highly Sensitive, Opening Invocations, Prosperity Consciousness, Intuitive Training, Group Past Life Sessions. The members only library gets updated monthly with free and discounted courses.  

Discounts available for Clarity Room Members

Meditations & Activations

The Meditation and Activations offers a range of sessions. Available for Clarity Room members only, explore the library at your leisure. You can come back to them over and over again as you need.

Exclusive to Clarity Room Members

What clients are saying...

"Michelle, I would like to thank you so much for all your help.  You were able to get me to a place that my therapist worked on with me for years in just a few sessions. You helped me dig deep, confront my uncomfortable feelings and memories, look at my wounds and help me move on, learn from them.. I can't say enough, you have a God given gift and I can't thank you enough."

~ Christine, EA Intuitive Session Client

Clarity Room Membership

Become a Clarity Room Member, with access to the Live Classroom Chats, Meditations & Activations Library.

Other benefits include:
~ Two FREE classes a month
~ Access to Prayers & Invocation Course
~ First look at all new classes before they are available for purchase
~ Scheduling availability for one-on-one services with Michelle

Monthly Subscriptions Available

Hi, I'm Michelle McInnis

I am your the teacher and the woman behind The Clarity Room. I do believe in the power of learning your blueprint to anchor in more empowerment, elevated states of living and having the career and life you are meant to live!

Be Your Own Emotional Alchemist

Be Your Own Emotional Alchemist is for those who find that the ups and downs of life situations can still throw them off center, even though they have been on a soul awakening journey towards greater awareness and personal growth. In this enlightening and comprehensive book you'll learn how to transcend your mind and enjoy a space of pure positive consciousness in any situation--even the most challenging. I use real life stories and leading edge processes to show you the why and how 's of using your emotions as your true internal guidance system. Empower yourself to live a life of amazing integration where emotions are the greatest assets in bringing about a new level of consciousness for yourself and our world!