human design business coaching

Are you ready for more impact, more income and movement forward?  

Something led you here and it was likely a gut feeling that you are meant to do business differently.  

Have you tried to fit the traditional mold of what it looks like to run a business and something just feels off?

Maybe you aren't getting the results you crave.  
Maybe your intuition is saying it is out of alignment, but you’re not sure how to get to that place.  
Or maybe you have had some success through hustle and you are nearing burnout.  

 If any of those stir a whisper in your soul- you are in the right place.
  We do things a bit differently here.

Michelle helps you honor your energetic signature in your business to work with it instead of against it to skyrocket your business growth and results.   We look at your natural gifts, how you are meant to serve and how you are meant to sell- all by looking at your chart and matching it with strategic action.  

Human Design Business Coaching is the most detailed program for ambitious and heart-led entrepreneurs ready to “blow up” their unique empire! This 3-month 1:1 program is designed for you to operate your business following your own personal blueprint which gives you permission to earn the money that feels empowering to you!  

This Coaching is specifically curated for you to break free from what others have told you it takes to make a business successful! Your own roadmap is within your amazing human design chart. When you begin lean in your GENIUS FREAK self when doors open and business can flow with more time, money and most important fulfillment.   

Personalized Business Strategies + Passion + Human Design Living =
More business success, more financial freedom, and more life fulfillment!

Now is The Time...

Maybe it’s time to say screw the rules!  The rules for how others have told you to operate your business need to be flushed. Instead, it’s time to activate your own internal business genius. Yes – you have one!

Let’s work through what won't or hasn’t worked for you (let’s get some clarity)
and move into strategies that light your ass up!

How you feel about every aspect of your business is a window of opportunity!   As soulful business owners, we might have been told that we have to work harder and smarter. Your own business flow begins with learning your individualized frequency of gifts. Add in a bit of astrology and intuitive coaching and BAM! You have a new way of growing your business!  

Maybe you’re ready to unlock this goldmine within your Human Design Coaching. It’s time that you share your genius while earning and generating more wealth in your most prosperous way! 

Are You Ready?

Are you ready for more impact and movement forward? Human Design Business Coaching gives you so much detail–learning and permission to operate your business with Aligned Action instead of Productivity Addition. It’s not a one size fits all plan – that’s why my coaching is in 1:1 format. Nothing I offer comes from a cookie-cutter business strategy.

3 Months of Coaching Looks Like:

✔ 1.5-2 Hour in-depth human design business reading and blueprint
Weekly 60 min business coaching and strategy calls with an energy first approach to support your business growth
Business Planning, Strategy, and Mindset support to help you see proven growth in your business and bust through limiting beliefs
Learning how to live your design in your business to attract, convert and sell more
Access to my private membership to go deeper in learning to learn how to integrate your design and gifts 
Access to the master level training on how to embody your energy type  

Total investment $3,333
(Payment plans available- Starting as low as $555/mo)  

You Will Leave With:

✔ The knowledge of how to use your unique blueprint and gifts to grow and scale your business
✔ The ability to find your authentic marketing voice and strategy  
✔ Knowing how to approach and find clarity in decision-making using your inner authority  
✔ Understanding how to embody your unique business path  
✔ The ability to make decisions in your business with confidence
✔ Leveling up your self-concept and integrating empowering beliefs to see your business and life transform
✔ A solid business foundation and strategy to see proven growth and sales   

 I am Michelle McInnis...

A Free-spirited- intuitively guided- human design expert!
When I decided to leave my career in Social Work to pursue other ways to empower women to live their design – my life had many twists and turns too! Maybe you can relate?

I know now that through my life experiences and private practice that learning who I really am is not just for self-empowerment.
It’s for all areas of my life! Including business!  

The first of my many deep dive learning experiences came learning the clinical self-help tools as a Social Worker while helping those in transition. Then I added in EFT tapping, Intuitive Training, Past Life Regression, Astrology, and now Human Design.
I know have the tools, and experience to read your chart to see the “real you”.  Your energy is sacred. Your time is valuable. Your gifts are needed.  You don’t have to sacrifice in order to attract abundance into your business!   When I learned that myself – through my years of being an entrepreneur - that's when shit really began to happen!

So, if you are wanting support for your own amazing business – I am right here! I have the desire, experience, and passion for assisting you to get to the next level! 


More Ways to Connect with Michelle

Do you want to learn about Human Design
in small tidbit form?
Then join my Clarity Room FREE texting service.
I send insight bits of insights about the energy of the week, astrology, and human design directly to your phone! It’s so much fun!  Just text "JOIN" to 267.435.3216. Stop any time!

Self Paced Learning

Comprehensive online training that includes everything you need
to know to become a human design reader. Learn step by step
how to read a chart for yourself and your loved ones or
add this modality into your private practice.
This self-paced course includes all materials, 12 videos, and a community center to communicate with Michelle and other participants during your journey!