human design readings with michelle

Learning Your Unique Roadmap

"All of us have a unique GENIUS that resides within our Soul"

A Human Design Reading is a deep dive into the road map of how you came to operate in this world.  Your "roadmap" has set you up for total success but the adventure is learning this amazing blueprint.  When we begin this adventure together you will soon begin to feel like, "Wow I can embrace what I love the most and see how the Universe supports me."

Human Design is a graceful combination of:
Astrology, Chakra, I-ching, Quantum Mechanics, and Kabbalah

It will give you insights into energy flow, purpose, gifts, blocks, digestion, intuitive abilities and so much more! These 60-75 minute readings, which are audio recorded, give you permission to show up in the world in ways that delight your soul! These readings are done via zoom.

We all are walking around with this amazing beacon of light. When that beacon it's acknowledged, developed, and embraced your unique wisdom can be lived out with so much joy, success, and confidence to know how to sail through the bumps of life.

We look at:
Your energy type
Your gifts and talents
How to best make decisions
Learn details of your personality

Soul's desires
Your little quirky traits
How you manifest
You're intuitive abilities
How you digest food and information
and how you came here to shine!

*Please note I will need your birthday, location and exact birth time

These readings are for someone...

 ~who desires to learn their creative genius
~ who looking for more clarity in their gifts and talents
~ who wants to embrace their intuitive abilities
~who wants to learn there life purpose
~ who is struggling to make life decisions
~ who wants to learn to trust their emotional waves
~ who is seeking to empower themselves
~who wants to know how to manifest and how inspiration flows within you
~looking for business clarity
~understand more about yourself so that you can feel more confidence in daily living

Initial Reading: $250


My HD session gave me such confidence and validation on so many details of how I came here to be - unapologically! I now am owning that I can really manifest my business to the next level! I found out I don't need to analyze my instincts.  I can see where I need to focus my attention - with more vigor!   It was AMAZING session!  I will be back for more!
~ CJ

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