What Clients are Saying

"I experienced a group past life regression; I had never participated in this type of process before. Michelle has defined her skills and presents them in a comforting and assuring manner that allows you to slip easily into the process. Michelle explains how the event will proceed and guides you carefully to fully engage. I so recommend doing a group session. I learned so much about myself and why I have such an affinity for Africa!"
Cindy, Past Life Regression Client
"My Life Purpose session was such a fun and detailed look at my life! I came to the session with 3 different options for a new career direction.  I walked away with such clarity on what I would pursue for myself! It is amazing to see how her astrology and tarot cards helped me to truly see the path! Thank you Michelle!" 
Maria, Life Purpose Session Client
"I just wanted to tell you how much these readings have meant to me. I stood in my truth (due to your reading)—the truth of what I want and need in a relationship—and didn’t minimize it to make myself more agreeable, or avoid a potentially challenging outcome. You have such a beautiful gift, and I thank you, from the bottom of my heart."
Marissa, Higher Self Alignment Reading Client
"I have been trying to shake off nervous anxiety (divorce) for so long....it finally clicked last night....I am looking outside myself for the answer (job, money etc)... so wanted to say thank you. Thank you for the tools and the support during this transition. You have helped me more than you know!"
Holly, EA Intuitive Session Client
" I had no idea what to expect, the second it started I felt at ease and safe.  Her interpretation of my reading was so inspiring and had incredible insight.  She helps to apply the lessons from these cards into your present day life. It made it clear what area's in my life I am holding back on! It brought a unique experience into  my own personal journey! inspiring is too small of a word but I don't know what else would describe it  better! 
Betty, Higher Alignment Reading Client
"Michelle was a God-send to me. I was ready to dig deep, but didn't quite know how to navigate my way into the dark recesses of my mind. Michelle led me...gently, wisely, lovingly...and sat beside me as I uncovered the shame, guilt and fear. The healing is tremendous. Michelle helped me climb to a new stage of awareness, and for that I will forever be grateful."
 Christine, EA Intuitive Session Client
"You helped me look at my inner being, who I am, who I want to be, how to forgive, how not to let things bring me down. You showed me techniques on how to stay positive, to focus on the good. I can't thank you enough. One of the many things that make you stand out is you are available to me in-between my sessions and your ability to allow me to feel comfortable sharing anything with you. Thanks!"
Jo, EA Intuitive Session Client
"I worked with this beautiful lady to address PTSD, I had suffered from for years. Working with her, through conventional and unconventional methods, I was able to address a few of the triggers. She helped me see them in different light and "transformed" those memories reducing their effect on my wellbeing. I'm forever grateful. If you are suffering from PTSD, you owe it to yourself to reach out to Michelle. Healing is possible!"
Betty, EA Intuitive Session Client
"Thank you Michelle for the moving QHHT session. I entered the space hoping to get a few tidbits of insight from the past to help make sense of present behaviors and relationships, but I was pleasantly surprised to get so much more! It truly is a gift to access this healing information. Thank you for being such a kind and patient guide."
Jennifer, QHHT Client