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Group Business Membership Incorporating Human Design, Aligned Action and Intuitive Development

Course Summary

 Join SHE BUILDS, where visionary women entrepreneurs, creatives, and soulpreneurs unite in a transformative blend of group coaching and Human Design.

4 Gatherings  A Month

•Elevate -  Enchanting Business Coaching via Human Design
•Business Mindset - Journey into the Mystical Realms of Growth,Manifesting and Movement Forward 
•Human Design Learning - Unveil the Secrets of Your Business Universe
•Intuitive Guidance - A Magical Moment with Spirit

Our library is a treasure trove of recorded sessions that's just waiting to be explored. 
Plus, our virtual realm is where women weave their stories and support each other's journey's. 
 We don't just build businesses; we craft dreams, empower souls, and create a magical sisterhood of growth and support. Get ready to be enchanted!  

This is a monthly membership and you can unsubscribe at anytime!

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Michelle McInnis

Hey there! I'm Michelle McInnis, your go-to human design reader, teacher, and business coach, and I'm on a mission to bring excitement and alignment to your life and business! Armed with a degree in psychology and social work, I spent years in the trenches as a social worker for the state of Michigan, but I've since traded in my bureaucratic hat to operate my own successful business.

Now, my passion is decoding the unique blueprints of individuals like you, helping you seamlessly align with your business and unlock the door to the success you've always dreamed of. Gone are the days of endless studying and deciphering complex theories—let's make understanding your design a thrilling journey together.

I thrive on empowering you to earn what you desire and share your exceptional gifts with the world. Let's embark on this exhilarating adventure of self-discovery and business mastery. Your transformation awaits!