human design school
become a reader
level 1

Comprehensive online training that includes everything you need to know to become a human design reader. 

Learn step by step how to read a chart for yourself and your loved ones or add this modality into your private practice.

level 1 lessons:


energy types

we start with learning about all of the different energy types. There are 5 and all of the are meant to work in conjunction with one another.


energy centers

learning about what each energy center is and how they function for each of us. Learning what the terms open,undefined and defined mean.


inner authority

need to make a decision? This gives you a detailed look on this unique gift. our decisions don't come from the mind. Powerful learning here.



2 part video series. Learn the 6 achetypes and 12 profiles. Our personality types give us insight into what we consciously know about ourselves and unconsious side.


BONUS: sacral center

generators and man/gen this is a great gift to all of you in finding that next best step for you in all areas of your life! This 2 video series gives you insights on the how to activate your sacral.


downloaded workbook

you will receive 12 videos and downloaded notes for you to make a comprehensive book for your newly learned skills


private community center

down the the zenler app and gain easy access to all your course work via your phone - including a facebook like community center that is open to you to share your insights and questions with others members and michelle.


enjoy this learning

are you ready to begin this new journey?

Absolutely LOVE these classes. Michelle is so incredibly knowledgeable! The amount of time and information presented in these classes is perfect - digestible and information is clearly presented. I can't wait until the next class!

hd level one graduate

This course includes:

The full understanding of how to read a chart

The deep and detailed insights into all 5 energy types and who they came here to operate in the world

The difference between conscious and unconscious and its relevance to your chart

Energy centers and what each one means.  This goes deep into the open, defined, and undefined meanings

Learning all the different authority and strategy meanings and how to apply them to daily living

A detailed look at the 6 archetypes/12 profiles  and how they function when you combine them

Discussing your conditioning and how to process past beliefs that have been given to you

A detailed look at signatures and not self themes- what can you do to de-condition yourself


Sacral activation for Manifesting Generators/ Generators
The how to's for a reading


You will receive a video for each class
PDF downloads for all of your coursework

certificate of completion

12 video's lessons included

 "Since learning human design I have become a better parent. The discovery of the energy types of each of my children gave me proper insight into how my children are here to operate. This helps with homework, and even how they interact with their friends. It has been a life saver. Thanks Michelle!" 

hd level one graduate

How long will i have access

You have access to these class for the duration of this website

How long does it take to get through these classes

This is a self paced program. you take a short or long as you desire

Will I get a certification after my training is complete?

Once the post exam is taken and reviewed you will receive a certificate of completion of level 1

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Begin a new way of operating in your world with the confidence of who you came here to be!

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