human design school
become a reader
level 1

Comprehensive online training that includes everything you need to know to become a human design reader. 

Learn step by step how to read a chart for yourself and your loved ones or add this modality into your private practice.

This self-paced course includes all materials, 12 videos, and a community center to communicate with Michelle and other participants in your journey!

 Michelle offers once-a-month hourly LIVE calls to help answer any question or to have deep discussions in regards to level 1 training!

level 1 lessons:


energy types

we start with learning about all of the different energy types. There are 5 and all of the are meant to work in conjunction with one another.


energy centers

learning about what each energy center is and how they function for each of us. Learning what the terms open,undefined and defined mean.


inner authority

need to make a decision? This gives you a detailed look on this unique gift. our decisions don't come from the mind. Powerful learning here.



2 part video series. Learn the 6 achetypes and 12 profiles. Our personality types give us insight into what we consciously know about ourselves and unconsious side.


BONUS: sacral center

generators and man/gen this is a great gift to all of you in finding that next best step for you in all areas of your life! This 2 video series gives you insights on the how to activate your sacral.


downloaded workbook

you will receive 12 videos and downloaded notes for you to make a comprehensive book for your newly learned skills


private community center

down the the zenler app and gain easy access to all your course work via your phone - including a facebook like community center that is open to you to share your insights and questions with others members and michelle.


monthly Q & A with michelle

monthly LIVE hour sessions available with michelle for direct answers to anything of your learning.